[1] “I'd love ter sail the seven seas fishin' fer diff'rent fish.”Fishmael, Paper Mario

Fishmael is seen in Paper Mario fishing by the docks at the port and arguing with a Fuzzipede. Parakarry and Mario can deliver Letters between him and his fishing buddies, Goompapa, Muss T., and Koover. He loves to fish and is always seen fishing in the ports of Toad Town. His name comes from Ishmael, the sailor/teacher from the famous 19th century novel Moby Dick. What manner of creature he is is completely unknown, although the fishing rod sticking out of his head resembles the antenna of an Anglerfish.

[edit] Goombario's TattleEdit

  • "I really hate eating fish. But fishing does look like fun... Fishing in the harbor must be pretty relaxing. My dad goes fishing, too. I wonder if he knows this guy..."

[edit] TriviaEdit

  • Fishmael's name is not discovered by the player from Goombario's Tattle information. Goombario refers to him as "...this guy..." This is odd, as Goombario usually knows the names of all the game's characters. Rather, his name is discovered during the Letter sidequest mentioned above.
  • Somtimes, Fishmael is confused with Chet Rippo.