Crystal KingEdit

“First I shall defeat you, and then I will present to King Bowser an iced Mario gift!”Crystal King, Paper Mario Crystal King is an enemy Mario had to face before his final confrontation with Bowser in Paper Mario. Crystal King guarded the last Star Spirit, Kalmar, in the Crystal Palace. Crystal King's body is invisible and he can also make his cloak and crown invisible too. Crystal King can fly, summon Crystal Bits and shoot ice beams. When he gets desperate, he begins copying himself and recovering HP.

[edit] StrategyEdit

Crystal King is incredibly powerful and Mario's survival is not guaranteed. If not beaten quick enough, Crystal King will recover 20 HP at least three times. Mario should equip badges that can bypass defense, as well and multi-strike badges. Watt comes in handy because her main attack can breach defense and doesn't use FP. When Crystal King clones himself, Mario should use any multi-strike items he has (items such as Thunder Rage). The special attacks Time Out and Star Storm are also recommended.

When Mario defeats him, Crystal King says, "Oh no! The last Star Spirit!! King Bowser, forgive meeeeeeeee!!". He then spins out of control and disappears while sparks are flying away from him.

Like the other characters, Crystal King appears in the parade at the end during the credits (which is merely a way of showing all the characters who appear in it, rather than actually taking place during the game). Two Duplighosts are impersonating him, and the real Crystal King is carried away by his Crystal Bits.


  • Although probably a coincidence, there is a treasure in the game Pikmin 2 called the Crystal King.

How To DefeatEdit

The difficulty with Crystal King stems from his summoning of Crystal Bits. Suggest: killing two of the Crystal Bits when he summons them. That way, when he spits them out, it will only cause you a maximum of 4 HP damage. When attacking the Crystal King himself, Watt is a good choice, since Electro Shock ignores defense, and costs no FP. When he is weakened, he has the ability to restore 20 HP (ouch), and split himself into three parts. When he's split, only one of his parts will take damage, so the safest bet is to use an attack that damages all enemies, like Lakilester's Spiny Surge. You're in for a long fight, so bring along some healing items. Such as Thunder Rage.