“Chuck Quizmo's the name, and quizzes are my game! You want quizzes, I got 'em! If you can manage to answer my brain-busting questions correctly, then... Y... Yaa... Yaaaaaahooo! I'll give you a Star Piece! Want to try a quiz?”Chuck Quizmo, Paper Mario [1][2]Mario and Kooper on Quizmo's show. Luigi, a Ninjakoopa, Jr. Troopa, and several others can be seen in the audience.Chuck Quizmo is a character in the Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario. A multi-colored worm wearing a yellow bowtie and a top hat, Quizmo appears throughout Paper Mario in different towns, and if Mario speaks with him, Quizmo will transport him to a stage and, along with his assistant Vanna T., ask Mario a question. If Mario answers Chuck's quiz correctly, he will be rewarded with a Star Piece, and if he answers wrong he will receive nothing. In the latter case, the same question will be asked the next time Mario speaks with him, thereby still allowing the player to receive all the Star Pieces. After quizzing Mario, Quizmo will teleport away to a different location. In all, Quizmo will ask sixty-four questions.

If Mario answers all of his questions correctly, Quizmo will state that, now that he has found someone with all the answers, he can finally retire as quizmaster. After Mario defeats Bowser, Quizmo, along with Vanna T., can be seen in Toad Town outside the dojo; when spoken to, Quizmo will jokingly ask Mario if he wants to participate in another quiz before stating he is in Toad Town merely to attend the festival celebrating the defeat of the Koopa Troop. Quizmo can also be seen in the parade that plays over the Paper Mario credits, expelling fireworks from his hat.

[edit] TriviaEdit

  • Luigi, a Ninjakoopa, and Jr. Troopa can be seen among the audience.
  • Chuck Quizmo's quiz was the beginning of the running gag of quizzes in the Paper Mario series taking place in a game show stage, despite Mario never moving from where he found Quizmo (such as Koopa Village). This quiz also had the first audience in a Paper Mario game, though it had no function.
  • In Super Paper Mario, a Sammer Guy named "Quizmo Question That Has No Answer" appears as an obvious reference to Chuck Quizmo.
  • MC Ballyhoo from Mario Party 8 bears a resemblance to Chuck Quizmo, mostly because of the huge hats the two characters wear.
  • Chuck Quizmo asks a total of 64 questions. This is likely a reference to the Nintendo 64, but it may also be due to the fact that numbers in multiples of eight (such as 64, which is eight times eight) can be stored more efficiently in the electronic bytes which make up the game.


1. What is the name of Goombario's younger sister?

Goombette Goombalina Goombaria

2. What is the color of the block you can break with the first Hammer you got?

Red Yellow Gray

3. What ability does Goombario frequently use?

Jump Tattle Dive

4. What color of pants was the Goomba King wearing?

Blue and White Red and Blue Red and White

5. Which of Mario's battle commands is on the far left?

Jump Item Strategies

6. How many windows does the Goomba House in Goomba Village have?

One Two Three

7. What's the name of the leader of the Red and Blue Goomba Bros.?

Dr. Goomba Big Goom Goomba King

8. What color are Luigi's pants?

Blue Green Yellow

9. How many members are there in Goombario's family?

Four Five Six

10. What will you receive when you get the right answer in a quiz?

It's Me Star Piece Mushroom

11. What is the name of the smart Toad living in Toad Town?

Russ T. Smarr T. Toace T.

12. How many buildings are there in Koopa Village?

Four Five Six

13. Of the following, who is NOT a member of the Koopa Bros.?

Red Ninjakoopa Blue Ninjakoopa Black Ninjakoopa

14. How many coins are needed to buy a Mushroom at the shop in Koopa Village?

2 Coins 4 Coins 8 Coins

15. Where does Merluvlee, who tells fortunes about special things, live?

Shooting Star Summit Toad Town Bowser's Castle

16. What is the name of the character who joined you at the Koopa Bros. Fortress?

Goombario Kooper Bombette

17. What color is Bowser's hair?

Red Green Yellow

18. How many Star Spirits do you have to save?

One Five Seven

19. What's the name of the elderly Koopa Troopa who always asks for errands to be run?

Koopa Krab Koopa Koot Old Koop

20. How many Bob-ombs besides Bombette were imprisoned in the jail at the Koopa Bros. Fortress?

Four Eight Twelve

21. Where is the house of the explorer, Kolorado?

Koopa Village Toad Town Goomba Village

22. What is the destination of the train which departs from Toad Town station?

Goomba Village Koopa Village Mt. Rugged

23. What is the name of the fellow who sells Badges in Toad Town?

Merlow Rowf Kolorado

24. What treasure did Bowser steal from Star Haven?

Star Rod Twink Princess Peach

25. What is the color of the roof of the house in Koopa Village where you can listen to a radio?

Red Yellow Blue

26. Who does Kooper idolize?

Mario Kolorado Koopa Koot

27. What does Merlee of Dry Dry Outpost specialize in?

Fortune-telling Casting Spells Cooking

28. Who hides inside a coffin in Dry Dry Ruins?

Mummy Man Moustafa Pokey Mummy

29. What can you get when you take Star Pieces to Merlow at Shooting Star Summit?

Cards Coins Badges

30. Who knew the location of Dry Dry Ruins in Dry Dry Desert?

Kolorado Moustafa Goombario

31. When you want Tayce T., who loves cooking, to make Lemon Candy, what do you have to give her besides a Lemon?

Star Piece Cake Mix Mushroom

32. Who among the following lives in Forever Forest?

Jr. Troopa Oaklie Cleft

33. What are Boos, exactly?

Ghosts Thieves Sheets

34. What appears when you hit the Whacka living on Mt. Rugged?

Heart Mushroom Bump

35. Other than Lemons, what fruit drops when you hit a tree in the desert oasis?

Coconut Apple Lime

36. What is the name of the strange person in Toad Town who can increase Mario's status?

Rat Cheepa Diz Onnest Chet Rippo

37. What ability does Bombette frequently use?

Sing Dance Bomb

38. What does Gourmet Guy like?

Cake Mushrooms Kooper

39. Who was the second companion to join your team?

Bombette Kooper Parakarry

40. Who tried to steal coins from you in the desert?

Pokey Bandit Nomadimouse

41. What is the name of the Star Spirit who can use Star Storm?

Eldstar Muskular Skolar

42. What are addressed to your companions and sent to the post office?

Parcels Letters Handbills

43. Among the following, which building is NOT in Toad Town?

Shop Station Mayor's House

44. What kind of book did Gourmet Guy drop?

Gardening Cooking Fishing

45. Who am I?

Sir Quizzby I. Q. Testa Chuck Quizmo

46. Where do I show up?

In towns and villages On the street In the jail

47. What is the name of the plant that grows in Jade Jungle and blows out stars?

Trumpet Plant Hurt Plant Bellbell Plant

48. What color was the leader of Yoshi's Village?

Blue Green Pink

49. What is the name of the elderly man who tells fortunes in Toad Town?

Merlow Merlon Merluvlee

50. How many colors of Yoshis did you see in Yoshi's Village?

Six Eight Ten

51. How would the Yoshi Kids in Yoshi's Village describe Sushie?

Easygoing Bossy Sleepy

52. What building is across from the Toad Town post office?

Shop Station Merlon's House

53. What kind of card do you get when you defeat Lee at the Dojo in Toad Town?

First-Degree Second-Degree Third-Degree

54. What color is the brooch that Princess Peach wears?

Blue Red Pink

55. Who gave you Miracle Water in Flower Fields?

Posie Rosie Lily

56. What is the name of Lakilester's girlfriend?

Landdaki Lakitofu Lakilulu

57. How do you make the Pipe leading to the Toad Town Playroom come out?

Jump Hit a tree Hit a switch

58. Among the following, who is inside Club 64?

Dancer Composer Pop Diva

59. Which of the following do Shy Guys never do?

Sing Dance Run

60. What best describes the relationship between Mario and Luigi?

Neighbors Friends Brothers

61. Among the following, who is found in Starborn Valley?

Penguin Lakitu Ninji

62. How many companions do you travel with?

Seven Eight Nine

63. What is the name of the Star Kid who's always with Princess Peach?

Gleem Twink Glo

64. How many Star Spirits have you saved in total?

Five Seven Ten