Chanterelle (also known as Pop Diva) is a beautiful Toad singer who performs in the port of Toad Town at Club 64. During the events of Paper Mario, she became depressed after the kidnapping of Princess Peach, rendering her unable to sing. Mario had to bring Chanterelle music by having an item called Lyrics, written by Master Poet and have it to compose the item by Toad of the Desert as it changes into the item, the Melody; as the item helps Chanterelle reawaken her natural vocal ability. There was no clue given to where the composer lived; the lyrics said they must be taken to a composer "somewhere in the world." Luckily, Mario managed to give Chanterelle the completed composition. She sang for Mario beautifully and in tune. She then rewards Mario with an Attack FX D Badge. After that, Mario can ask her to sing the song again if he wishes to. She'll sing the song again for him how ever many times he wants her to. She later appeared with her two Toad instrumentalists, conducted by the Master Poet, in the game's credits. The song is also heard at the very end of the game with the "The End" screen for a while when Princess Peach and Mario are at the castle overlooking the fireworks.