“I have a little score to settle with those Koopa Bros.!”Bombette, Paper Mario

Bombette is Mario's third party member in Paper Mario.


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[edit] HistoryEdit

[edit] Paper MarioEdit

When Mario goes to Koopa Bros. Fortress, Yellow Ninjakoopa traps Mario in a cell. Here, Mario meets Bombette, who was imprisoned in the fortress for exploding next to the Koopa Bros. Bombette helps Mario by exploding to make an escape route out of the cell. She then joins Mario's party. By pressing C-Down, her fuse will be lit and she will then walk a few steps and explode, allowing Mario to destroy walls, flip switches, and attack enemies. After she helps Mario defeat the Koopa Bros., she decided to join Mario's party and aid him on the quest to find the Star Spirits.

In battle, Bombette could Body Slam foes or explode next to them by using her Bomb attack. After upgrading, she can learn more powerful moves like Power Bomb, which hits all enemies on the ground, or Mega Bomb, which hits every enemy in battle. Physically, Bombette is a pink Bob-omb Buddy with a ponytail shaped fuse. It is also shown in the game that Bombette has recently broken up with Bruce. He is constantly beckoning out for her to get back together with him but she always refuses comically.

[edit] Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year DoorEdit

[1][2]Bombette was originally going to be in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. This was her improved look.Bombette and all of the other partners were scheduled to make an appearance in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but she and all the others (except for Bow and Parakarry) were removed for unknown reasons, This is further supported by the fact that a sprite for Bombette as well as all the other helper characters from the first Paper Mario have been found in the game's coding.

[edit] Super Paper MarioEdit

In Super Paper Mario, Bombette appears as a Catch Card found on the 40th floor of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials. She and all the other partners from the Paper Mario series could also be seen very briefly at the beginning of the game, in a photograph at Mario's House.

Card Type: Rare

Card Description: Bombette was Paper Mario's bombastic starlet. Who knew a pink Bob-omb could pack such a punch?

[edit] Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Pinky (ピンキー) From a term pink
French Bombinette Variation of the English name.

[edit] TriviaEdit