Anti GuyEdit

Paper Mario Enemy
Anti Guy
Max HP 50
Attack 10
Defense 0
Location(s) Shy Guy's Toy Box, Bowser's Castle
Moves Anti Dive (10), Anti Performance (12)

Anti Guys are Black Shy Guys[1] that appear in Paper Mario. They are also known as Deadly Guys by in-game characters due to the fact that their attacks are extremely powerful. In fact they are the strongest enemies in the game, excluding some bosses. In the game, Mario first encountered an Anti Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box. This Shy Guy is guarding a treasure chest holding a Power Plus Badge. Other Anti Guys reside in Bowser's Castle. During the quiz with the second Bowser Gate, if Mario gets three questions wrong, the plumber must face the Anti Guy Unit consisting of three Anti Guys.

Lemon Candy is quite possibly an Anti Guy's favorite treat. Instead of fighting the Anti Guy in Shy Guy's Toy Box, Mario can instead bribe the Shy Guy to leave by giving him a Lemon Candy, allowing Mario access to the Power Plus Badge. However if Mario does this, he cannot fight the Anti Guy to earn the large number of Star Points awarded upon his defeat in battle.

Black Shy Guys from Yoshi's Story look very similar to Anti Guys and are closely related, given that both enemies are powerful types of Shy Guys working for the Koopa Troop. The only difference is that these Shy Guys are fighters, whereas the ones from Yoshi's Story are fliers.


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